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letter number one.

November 8, 2007

Dear God.
I have been thinking about all of the different things I would like to do with my life (some are really big important things like being a fashion designer, and some of them are silly trivial but still important things like learning to speak Spanish), and I think it might be better, since so many of them seem to be conflicting, if I just tell you all of them, and then maybe you and me can figure out a way for me to do all of them.

• Go to art school and study fashion design in London
• Go to art school and study printmaking
• Do a masters in religious studies at ucsb
• Go to India to study yoga in mysore
• Travel around the world seeing and smelling and tasting and touching and feeling absolutely everything. In bits though, not just one big round the world trip, more like 3 months in one country, then back home. 3 months at home, then off traveling again, this time to ________ for 2 months, then back home for 5, then off again for 4 etc etc etc.
• Learn to play the piano very wel

• Study environmental architecture

• Learn how to make candles
• build a house in the santa Barbara hills with a few acres of land and some goats and sheep and a big big vegetable patch
• Make said house a work of art
• Learn to sail
• Sail around the Mediterranean
• Go to Australia
• And new Zealand
• And Thailand
• And turkey
• I think all of this falls into the “around the world” part
• Learn how to salsa… really well. Not like ‘strictly ballroom’ salsa, more like ‘westside story’ salsa… did they salsa in Westside story? I don’t remember.
• Write a book (I don’t know what about yet, other than I want it to be brilliant… I’m sure this will happen naturally (the brilliance), as soon as I fill myself up with stuff that I want to write about to the point of spilling over, onto my computer keyboard, for about 300 pages).

I was trying to put all of this on a big visualization board… but I thought you might get confused… I mean, until I wrote it all down just now, even I was a bit confused.

If you have any suggestions, any at all… even if you want to disguise yourself as somebody else so as not to give up the game and let everybody know that its actually you… then you can email me. Or just write a comment.

yours sincerely,


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