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November 13, 2007

I don’t know if you have heard the news yet, but it’s been proven: You create your own reality. This is something that those of us ‘in the know’ have known about for years. Centuries. That’s just how it is, and how it always has been. If I focus on negative things, negative things happen to me. If I focus on positive things, then positive things happen. It’s the same for everyone. Notice what happens when you go out and you’re in a really good mood. Everyone is nice to you. Nothing can kill your buzz. The flowers all smile at you, and the trees all send you love, and even the sun is smiling at you as it shines its UV rays on to your soaking-it-up skin. Somebody cuts you off while you’re driving, and you wave them ahead. What happens if you’re in a bad mood? Everything is awful. People are assholes. The sun is too fucking hot. Or its too fucking cloudy. The lines are too big everywhere, and nobody knows how to drive properly… the bank teller won’t cut you a break on the overdraft fee that wasn’t your fault, and a bird shits on your windscreen. This is all your reality. Created by your mind, and your mood.

Even more so than this, if a person is so convinced that something is going to happen, it happens. The universe conspires that way. We are all made up of little threads of consciousness; little bundles of vibrating energy. Thoughts are energy. Thoughts have a lot of power. If you direct your thoughts towards something, it will come. Its a cardinal rule. Like “what goes up must come down”. What goes out must come back. That’s just the way it is. If you are convinced beyond doubt that you are going to get shat on by pigeons when you walk under a bridge, chances are, you will be washing your hair later. All of this, by the way, is rooted in quantum physics.

Have you read the book about the hidden messages in water? Brief rundown– a scientist, named Mararu Emoto writes different words on, or plays different music to glasses of water, and then analyses the water crystals. Each of the crystals was different depending on what was written.

Love: love

Hate: Hate

Thank You: thank you

Beethoven: beethoven

Heavy Metal: metal

It’s all vibration, you see. It’s quantum physics (as explained by a non-scientist/ non physicist/ layperson). Everything is energy. Vibrating matter. Einstein prove this when he found that matter and energy were tied together. With quantum physics, scientists started discovering particles that were so unbelievably small, that they are probably the building blocks of the universe. The thing was, that these particles were never consistent. They either appeared as little particles, or as little waves. Even more than this, they found that matter could disappear from one place and reappear in another without actually travelling through space. Through observing this, they realised that the building blocks of the universe were actually a series of probabilities. Each particle of matter exists as potential. They found that particles did not have any defining characteristic, until they were interacting with a measuring instrument of some kind. The human brain is one of the most powerful measuring instruments in the universe. So our brains have a huge impact on which way a particle forms.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make in the first place. Newspapers, TV shows, movies about terrorists, thriller novels… All the things that we are presented with by the media are negative, scary things. Terrorists are waiting around every corner. There are serial killers waiting to attack you. Pedophiles hanging around outside all the schools. Drug dealers waiting to bait your teenagers. Earthquakes about to happen that will split a continent in two. All of these things are constant in the collective psyche of society. We are all convinced that something bad is about to happen, because quite frankly, that is all we are told about. We are never ever told good things about the world– and there are plenty. What happens after disasters is a huge effort on the part of humanity to band together and heal. But we never hear about the wonderful things happening. We hear theories on how and why it happened. We hear about the negative developments that ensue afterwards. We hear about all of the crazies that are caught either doing, or planning to do something, but we never hear about the good hearted people that dedicate their lives to catching them.

I’m not saying that this stuff doesn’t happen. It does. Horrible horrible things happen, and are made to happen for a variety of different reasons. And to pretend they don’t would be naive and stupid. What I’m trying to say is that with the collective psyche of humanity focusing on something negative about to happen, imagine what direction the scales are tipping. If one human mind can cause particles to enact one of it’s possibilities, then imagine what millions of people’s minds can do. Imagine what it can do it everybody is focused on fear. Fear will create things to fear. The thing is that people want to hear this stuff. There is no shock value in hearing nice things. Attention can’t be held. I mean, the entire institution of most western religions are based on fear– it’s fear that keeps your ass glued to the seat in church or synagogue, for the most part. It’s fear that makes you lock your doors at night. Our minds are capable of so so much. We can change the world with the focus of our thoughts. But instead we choose to focus on the terrorists that are waiting to attack us at any second. Or on how Bin Laden moved from the hole he used to be in, but the US troops are hot on his tail.

I think a lot of people are concerned that more and more bad things keep happening. It’s constant. More school shootings, more natural disasters, more melting ice caps. The rise in bad things happening correlates with the power of the media spreading across the globe. I think it’s a machine that feeds itself, and now the growth is exponential. Although this isn’t the sole reason for all of this happening, I think it is a huge contributer. Our minds are collectively focused on the destruction of the planet, and our societies. Apocalypse is coming. Because we think it is. It’s not about what we want to happen, it’s about what we think about the most. So make a difference in the world. Change your thought patterns. Start thinking about humanity in a positive light. For every bad, there is a good that comes out of it… try to remember this next time you watch the news.

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