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what to expect when you’re expecting. No, not that kind of expecting, asshole.

February 26, 2009

I went to the chiropractor today because my right shoulder/neck has gone into spasm and is causing me a lot of pain.

He didn’t adjust me.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so pissed off about the fact that he had given me a phenomenal massage and really helped to loosen the muscles up a bit…

And then I realised: I was fully expecting a major chiropractic overhaul.


I guess that’s how people feel when they go to a doctor, get told that nothing’s wrong with them, and that they should eat better.

What? No pills? It’s time for a second opinion. SOMEONE out there will think I’m as messed up as I want myself to be.


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  1. March 1, 2009 04:37

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  2. fairybekk permalink*
    March 3, 2009 13:29

    Thanks Mike!


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