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love. part one.

March 9, 2009

Love is about pinning something down.
Pinning it down and squishing it all together and putting a little label on it and filing it away in that great big filing cabinet that we lug around like a suitcase or a purse or a puppy.
Then we have something to hold on to and squeeze.
And we can love it and love it and love it until it is limp and there is no life left.
We can collect lots of them and use them as bricks and build a
box out of them. Or a home.

Something that doesn’t move.

We don’t like things that move around here.

Then we can make big shields out of them. Big human shaped shields that walk in front of us wherever we go so that people looking at us think that our shields are actually us. And we can decorate the insides with very pretty dead-things too so that we hardly even have to look outside at all if we don’t want to and when you do pretend to look out, there they are, shining back at you like glorious babies.

This is the whole point of life, really. To find this love and to hold on to it

They can be strung on a chain, like a charm bracelet, that winds itself around your limbs and holds you in place.
It holds you in place so that other people can take chunks out of you and squeeze those chunks until they are limp.
And it’s such a pretty bracelet– it jingles when you walk and sometimes it catches the light and when other people see it they want it too.


Don’t make your things too attractive.

Or they will be ripping at you,

clawing at your skin

trying to get a piece of you to wear

as a belt or maybe a headdress.

To parade around in front of everyone so that everyone wants them too.
Even if it’s only because they’re wearing your dead skin.

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