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March 18, 2009

I was lying on the table at the chiropractor’s office. He asked me why the hell I was so tense, and so I explained to him that I don’t handle stress very well (who does!), and then he starts asking me about what is stressing me out.



(on a side note, I don’t think that these things should be stressful, and I am aware that there are other things at play under the surface of school and work, namely lack of time to do all the things I want to do, but this is not the actual topic of this post so it’s not really necessary to get into that stuff.)

So he starts talking to me about cutting my expenses so that I don’t need to work as much, so it won’t be a source of stress anymore. And how being stress-free is the most important thing, not having lots of cool stuff. And that what is important is to figure out my priorities– for him, his health, then his wife are the most important things. Anything that is causing him stress that isn’t one of those things he can just let go. So I said “Very good point. Then all I need to worry about is healthy food and plane tickets.” To which he replied “Why the hell do you need plane tickets– is it really worth two weeks of work and stress to be able to go somewhere cool? I don’t spend money on anything at all, that’s why I’m so stress free!”

And here I have a bit of a problem. I understand what he is saying. I understand that cutting costs cuts stress. But getting off planes in new places also cuts stress, AND provides experience.

No travel?

How could he even think of such an abominable thing.

Haven’t we evolved from plants for a reason*? Aren’t we their mobile messengers**? Don’t we have legs and feet and the ability to wander? And weren’t cars and planes and trains invented to increase the scope of that wandering?

This isn’t just about travel. This is about something that I find increasingly bothersome. The fact that people often assume that the present is the end. We aren’t going to die. We are the cumulation of evolution and that anything FURTHERING our evolution is taking us out of the era in which WE (the most important ones) existed and is therefore BAD.

Heaven forbid that we are just a bright flash in the history of the universe. Heaven forbid that we are mortal. Or that we are not the most important things in existance. Or that the sun doesn’t actually revolve, not around the earth, but around ME specifically.

I hate to tell you this, but you are going to die. I am too. I don’t want to dwell on this subject for fear of losing my four readers due to morbidity ‘issues’, but it’s a fact that, once accepted, puts life into a little more perspective. Because if the world wasn’t created just so that you could be born, then it’s easier to accept that life will go on afterwards, and that we can either assist with the evolution of our species or not.

It is my personal belief that we don’t have roots keeping us in one place for a reason. It is my personal belief that through evolving our roots, our perception changes slightly, and broadens, making way for much more possibility. And it is my personal belief that this ‘small town’ mentality that lots of people who have never travelled have is one that keeps us in place. Of course, this all relates to my previous post about the weavers and the unweavers, and, yes, I do make people uncomfortable with my love for all things wild and chaotic, but I do believe that we can hold some kind of balance, us weavers and unweavers, while still helping the species to evolve.

Like a spiral.

We can push and pull but still move up.

And like a spiral, I think that the direction we are heading will be faintly remniscent of something that came before, but a few storeys higher, of a few notches over, or just not in the exact same space.

spiral11* This is something that I think is true. If you don’t believe it too, that’s fine. Believe what you want.

** Messengers was the wrong word. It’s more along the lines of: we’re all the same, some of us have feet though*.

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  1. Abby permalink
    March 19, 2009 15:39

    Very interesting post. I happened across your blog today while procrastinating at work.

    It just so happens, that yesterday my massage therapist told me I hold my stress in my butt. You know what though, it’s hard to relax when someone is rubbing your butt. This may be tmi…

    • fairybekk permalink*
      March 19, 2009 15:46

      I don’t think there’s such a thing as TMI around these parts…

      thanks for stopping by Abby šŸ™‚

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