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March 30, 2009


New beginnings.

You wouldn’t know that I’m even aware of it… I mean, my new house is a wreck. I had nightmares all night about how I couldn’t afford a cleaner more than once a month but how I really needed one twice a week. Yes, I am dreaming about budgets. And there are boxes everywhere. And clothes everywhere. And not enough closet space. And last night I found a cockroach next to my bed that freaked me out so much that I accidentally smashed a glass while screaming and jumping up and down (cool under pressure– that’s meee).


I AM thinking about new beginnings. And how spring is the time of year to cleanse– to get rid of all the winter’s padding. To stop eating so much stodge and fill up on those lovely green shoots and leaves that are springing up everywhere. To have a clear-out. To pick some flowers, open up all the doors and windows and let all the cobwebs float out into the cool spring air, and be dissolved by the sunlight.

In Chinese medicine, spring is the season of the Liver. The season for clearing out stagnation. Which is why, instead of writing a really long post about Liver Qi stagnation, I am going to get up and start on the overwhelming task of minimizing my closet.

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