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September 6, 2009

I forgot to tell you that this rock didn’t like Kelly.

Grouchy old rock

Grouchy old rock

She was getting so angry– it was slippery and craggy and for some reason kept trying to knock her over (really. I was right there and it was easy for me, but she kept feeling like it was pushing her). She got so mad that she kicked it and started cursing at it.

I shit you not, the rock started spitting pieces of stone at her.

I was less than a foot behind her and I didn’t get hit, nor did I get scared that I would be.

It was kinda funny.

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  1. Mark permalink
    September 13, 2009 08:12

    I still like the picture of this rock and the story that now goes with it. My first impression of the rock is that it is looks and feels set in its ways and just wants to be left alone. Perhaps Kelly’s yelling at it set it off. LOL.

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