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Cubist thoughts.

January 5, 2010

“we’ve reached an endpoint in human history. That the modernist tradition of progress and ceaseless extension of the frontiers of innovation are now dead. Originality is dead. The avant-garde artistic tradition is dead. All religions and utopian visions are dead and resistance to the status quo is impossible because revolution too is now dead.”*

-Kalle Lasn

Observations in the early morning:

1. Everything can take on meaning, or have no meaning at all. It just depends on perspective, and how badly you want an answer.

2. Breathing. Just sitting and breathing, in the early morning, before it’s light, before the neighbours are awake, before you’ve had caffeine (which is also before your brain starts running at 100 mph… no correlation, of course) when its just you and the cat sitting and filling your lungs with cool dark air, is one of the most pleasurable experiences ever.

3. Everything in the present moment is intent. Everything in all of the universe is intent. Your (all of our) personal intents have made you (and all of us) arrive at this very moment. Where you are and how you arrive there is up to you.

4. Facing backwards is pointless– everybody knows that history is determined by the eye of the person reading it (much like dots and waves).

5. Rationality is reaching the end of its tenure. Good riddance, I say.

6. Perspective is everything, but also nothing at all.

The postmodern condition, in my opinion, is much like the story of Narcissus. We (as a society) started out in awe of the world around us. Exploring everything, touching everything, trying to figure out why it is the way it is. Gradually (as a society this could be seen as teenage years) everything started to become more boring. Except the inner landscape– the inner landscape could still be explored. Through the tunnel of the inner landscape and out the other end we came upon a still pool of water.

Holy crap, we (as a society) exclaimed! We’re CUTE.

And there we have sat, ever since, masturbating all over ourselves and gazing into our own eyes.

Life is going on out there, people.

Plunge into the water.

Wake up from the spell.


*Although I am not a fan of Osho (flawed logic in every chapter), I highly recommend reading his essay titled: “Rebellion is the biggest YES yet.”

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  1. January 23, 2010 04:08

    I was glad for your Osho warning when I started reading him for the first time yesterday. Sitting in a cafe here in Mysore, it was among the loaner books. Very fitting! But… also somewhat amusing. I will digest with special skepticism.

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