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Poor Piggy.

January 22, 2010

In the dead of night I creep out on to 

the cliffs and look down at the surging waves that beat persistently 

at these hard rocks that will one day be 


One day

long after I’m gone and you’re gone too.

From up here these hard rocks are 

too strong to fall but

from the perspective of time

it’s a different story entirely.

Sagebrush clings to the cliffs

even this far north. 

Even with the onslaught




and salty.

Is it not in the nature of every thing 

in existance to 

fight for survival?

The strong rock can say that it is just doing its job

but when the tide 


and the time comes it

will fight what it knows to be a losing 

battle because 

a life, 

without fight in it,

is hardly 

a life 

at all.

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