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Aquarian. Part 1.

March 24, 2010

LA is the land of the yogi with clear skin and toned biceps. The land of the raw foodist with the bright eyes. The land of the kundalini yogi with her feet floating somewhere above the earth. The land of acupuncture and herbs and flower essences. Where everybody is looking for god, or everybody has found god, and somehow this is displayed in our aura like a beacon of glowing light that beams all the way to Las Vegas (land of the troubled soul, where everything stays… like some black hole where our shadows can go) and lets others around them (us?) know that they (we?) are most definitely among the evolved. The elite few who know the lingo. Where things like “seventh rays” and “portals in the sky” and “auras” and even, dare I say (although this is getting more into my realm of comfort) crystals, pranayama, meditation, or even (this is outside my realm of comfort but for a completely different reason to portals in the sky being outside my realm of comfort) Shiva Rea, or power animals, or akashic records are seen as universal truths– aspects of existence that, if you aren’t in the know then you’re obviously not evolved enough. Poor you.

Image: Alex Grey

I noticed it the other day when I danced with death (who has a name but I call him death). I noticed it yesterday at the farmer’s market. I’m now noticing it everywhere I go because thankfully, there are tons of people with plenty of this ‘energy’ that most people like to have, and plenty of people with consciousness of some kind, though I admit that I no longer know what this word ‘conscious’ means anymore. I think it’s undergoing an evolution of its own and will soon be relegated to a fad of new age culture much like it’s poor cousin ‘spiritual’ (who got knocked up early and has been living in shame ever since, poor thing).

It’s a self-limiting culture. Limited in its refusal to see the dark. Limited in its understanding of the depths of healing, and limited, in its desire to change the world, by its complete incapability of actually communicating with most people in the world.

And I’ve been a part of it, I mean, one cannot have the yoga-glow and walk around in Venice without being said “hello” to by every sweet loving dreadlocked beacon of light out there. I’ve sat in on the conversations about travel (backpacking is best because it makes you the freest), about religion (it’s all bullshit, man, everything is love), about food (this sandwich wasn’t made with love, man, it’s going to give me diarrhea while my body tried to reject the unhealthy vibration), and so on. And then the even deeper discussions, about things that have true meaning, instead of silly things that mean nothing. Like the nature of the universe. And god. And Changing the world. And the age of aquarius that is looming upon us like a great tidal wave. Oh and those hugs. Those ten minute, deep inhale hugs that mean “you’re sharing energy with another person– a mutual understanding of the way the world is– love!”.

From the inside, it feels like a revolution– like the new age of ‘being’ where everyone will exist in this love and light place.

From the outside, it’s just another culture. With its own language and limitations.

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  1. March 28, 2010 14:40

    Nice. Still… it makes me feel nostalgic for these crazy cats.

    Do you know the writings of Robert Augustus Masters? He’s writing about the flight toward the light, directly addressing the escapist strain in New Age/Yoga culture.


  2. fairybekk permalink*
    April 22, 2010 08:38

    I just noticed your comment now!!
    I’m sure I’d feel nostalgic for it if I weren’t here. And I’m sure that to the rest of the world I look like a crazy cat myself. A girl in one of my classes started talking about portals opening in the sky a few weeks ago (Kundalini yogi, who else), and I muttered something about kool-aid and tin foil hats and got a bunch of glares from people (I’m obviously not very spiritual)… but then I go out there in the world and talk to plants and stuff…. who’s crazy. Not meeee.

    What an insightful, good writer. I know that these are basic concepts with regards to Eastern thought, but he doesn’t make it sound like that.

    Intimacy. hmm.

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