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Butterfly effects

April 21, 2010

I was sitting in my acupuncturist’s office the other day, zoning out on an orchid, and then the orchid came into focus (and I was really glad it wasn’t a random stranger’s ass or anything like that), and there was something funny about it. It occurred to me that the orchid was probably one of those cultivated orchids that they make en masse and ship out to Trader Joe’s stores to be sold for $12.99 and to live for about a year before they just die. They all just die.

But anyway, it got me thinking about wildness, as opposed to cultivation. What is the difference between a wild plant and one that is genetically modified, or bred for certain traits, or even just planted. And then what is the difference between a wild animal and one that is bred for certain traits or one that is even bred like turkeys nowadays are bred– where the sperm is removed from the male and injected into the female. Or like those creepy massive bulls that are bred just for their muscles.

mmm. steak.

And then wild humans– humans who’s parents come together randomly due to unexplainable attractive forces, compared to one conceived in a test tube. Years of arranged marriages– of being led by rationale instead of instinct– matings for moneys or societal standing instead of love or looks or basic chemistry, must have made a Darwinian difference to how connected we all are to our guts (or our will…). It’s softened us up a bit– like how a cultivated plant probably wouldn’t survive long in the wild, or how my lovely cat who is very sweet and addicted to dry food isn’t very good at catching squirrels (mostly due to the ‘tinkle’ of her collar) even though she wants to. Only in the past hundred years or so has marriage for love become the norm. We’ve had the wildness bred out of us.

What is it about that wildness that is so important? It’s the spark of random. The spark of chaos that everybody is scared of. The chong mai. Primal. Chaotic. Wild. Random. Passionate. Inexplainable. And now science is leading us full circle, into chaos theory– the one thing that cannot be explained any further with our rational minds. The seed of yin in this great paisley shaped lump of rational yang.

Why does the wild uncontrollable feminine scare all of these rational people? Because chaos, by nature, stirs up order.

So on that note… go breed with some random people who you’re attracted to :).

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