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May 17, 2010

It’s raining.

Whenever it rains I have this funny habit of breaking up into little pieces and wandering around like a dazed spacemonkey.

Out here in vata-land, I have mixed feelings about this.

On another note,

The black sage is in full bloom. The white sage is starting to bloom, as are the wild roses. Soon the bush mallows will be out. Instead of claiming each season (or sub-season) to be my favourite while acknowledging my fickleness,  I’m just going to say that my favourite time of year is now. Whenever now is. How LA Yoga of me.*

Now please excuse me while I take my space-monkey-LA-Yoga self and drive across town for a biochem quiz.

Peace and love to you, my dragonfly brothers and sisters of the aquarian age.

* I am beginning to think that, were I not surrounded by this bullshit (going to a school where everybody wanders around trying to be conscious and have ‘meaningful’ conversations about ‘important’ things all day surely doesn’t help), I’d probably miss it. Where else in the world can you tell somebody who asks you why you get up before dawn that it’s your favourite time of day to meditate because the darkness before the dawn is almost palpably nourishing and have them just kinda nod and say “oh, ok”?

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